Accretive technology is at your service. We apply our engineering expertise to help improve reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Electrical Engineering Services and Systems team provides the expertise needed to keep your power system safe, efficient, reliable, and up to date. Our extensive range of expertise helps businesses make the most of their existing equipment by optimizing performance and extending the lifespan. Our electrical services engineers and technicians diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, and transform concepts into flexible, practical solutions that can improve productivity and use of capital.  

Accretive technology comprehensive portfolio of advanced power system studies offers a focused and systematic approach to solve complex problems that can occur in a power system. Accretive tech approach goes beyond identifying the problem or cause of equipment failure, and instead aims to recommend an equipment solution to solve it. Our engineers will be there every step of the way – from determining the cause of the problem to ensuring the equipment solution recommended is installed and operating correctly.

Our services include:


  • Eliminates all the stress, hassle and worries.
  • Appliances protection from over, under voltage and fault detection.
  • Designed for all kinds of electrical loads and easy to use.
  • Automatic water pumping and monitoring.
  • Generator timing & gasoline management.
  • No need to switch off heavy loads, fridge, A/C etc. on generator supply, ATS takes care of it all.
  • No need for Sirens, buzzers, hooters etc. Eliminates noise pollution.
  • Operational Simplicity, Increased reliability and safety.
  • Ideal for less accessible or distant installed generators.
  • Minimum downtime and suitable uninterrupted electrical supply.
  • Portable and easy installation.
  • Robust & Easy maintainability.
  • Ideal for efficiently switching to generator and PHCN power to and fro.
  • One year warranty on PCB.
  • Never worry about technical glitches because we’re just a phone call away at any time.
  • Get 10% commission for any referral purchase.


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