Where are the prices on products?

On product pages there is a price bar that shows “Our Price“. If there is a base price for the product the price will show below the label. If there are options available for this generator then you will see yellow bars

How much does an ATS cost?

The price for an ATS will vary dependent on the size, voltage options, and enclosure type. The purchase price of the ATS also does not include the cost of installation or any necessary wiring. You can download the PRODUCT PRICE

Where do I order an ATS?

ATS are available through our Accretive technology Authorized Dealers or through a local retail store. An in-home assessment can also be a great place to start if you are not sure what size you need. Click here to schedule a free

Can I save money buying a manual transfer switch?

Generally no. Most modern ATS have a manual mode so they do not switch until you change the switch position to transfer or automatic. New switches are electrically operated and when they change position, they use power from the utility

How do I know which ATS I need?

If you are interested in an Automatic Home Standby Generator, you should work with a licensed electrician/installer to determine the proper ATS. If you do not have someone you are working with, Accretive technology offers a free In-Home Assessment with

What kind of maintenance will my diesel generator need and how complicated is it for the average homeowner or small business?

Diesel engines require routine maintenance for long-life service. The normal maintenance requirements are about the same as owning a diesel-powered vehicle – oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter. The engine will need an oil and fuel filter change

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